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How a Legendary Italian Barman Accidentally Created the Negroni Sbagliato
Some cocktails are born from intricate planning and laborious tinkering, the brainchildren of mad scientist mixologists. Other libations, like the Negroni Sbagliato, happen by happy accident.


"Giving Up Drinking Changed My Life"
Cheyne Kobzoff had been using alcohol to treat his anxiety, and then it stopped working.

Where to Run While You're on Spring Break
These endurance athletes know their local routes better than the happy hour specials.


The 10 Weirdest Cover Songs in Pop Stars' Repertoires
The oddest obscurities from performers at the peak of their powers.


Plan for Retirement Like a Spartan
All that stands between you and a 10:30 tee time today is a small shift in your money-saving philosophy.

A Spartan's Guide to Feng Shui
Use the ancient Chinese art to reorganize your office and re-energize your life.

7 Clever Ways to Ooze Power at the Office
Confident employees have more success than those who are simply talented.

How to Quiet Your Racing Brain
You can’t simply flick your active brain’s off switch, but you can dim it with a little practice.


Jon Law Is Laughing at Cancer
Kate Farms helps him heal. Stand-up comedy helps him cope.

Jenna Tatavitto May Be the Toughest 14-Year-Old You'll Ever Meet
After a two-year medical mystery tour, this teen took control of her nutrition and her health—and found the hope she’d been longing for.

Tejas Briseno: You Can Take His Leg, but Not His Spirit
Life dealt this 12-year-old a crappy hand, one that includes autism and cancer. So naturally, he sings and dances every day.

Find the Good. Choose Hope. This Mom Did It and You Can Too
When her twin girls were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, Kate Murray considered it a life sentence. Then she realized she controls the future.

How Christina Kovacs Took Control of Her Health
Whether you’re a patient or caregiver, here are five lessons you can learn from her fight and apply to your own.


This 82-Year-Old Athlete Is Still Winning Gold Medals
John Berg has dedicated his life to breaking a sweat and reaping the rewards. Adopt his four rules to grow stronger, healthier, and happier every day.

Meet the 2018 SilverSneaker Instructor of the Year!
For the past 34 years, Margaret Agnew has taught people of all ages how to be stronger, happier, and healthier. And she’s just getting started.

4 Conversations You Need to Have with Your Adult Kids
Tackling these touchy topics now will bring your family closer—and save everyone some grief down the road.

Top 5 Money Mistakes Older Adults Make
Plus, the fixes that will get your finances back on track—fast! 


Nothing Can Stop Bryan Morseman
How did this man become one of the most impressive endurance athletes in the country? Start with an inner fire that’s been kindling since he was a kid and add two more crucial elements: recovery and family.