In 2017, Lyons Press published my first book, The Barstool Book of Sports: Stats, Stories, and Other Stuff for Drunken Debate. It's packed with punchy, quick-hitting lists, illustrations, and sidebars to help fans transform their sports knowledge and sound smarter and more confident in drunken trivia duels—even when they can’t quite see straight. The book aims to answer hard-hitting questions like these: What’s the easiest sport for a fat guy to play? Where’s the saddest fan base in America? What are the dumbest athlete injuries ever? Which NFL player should star alongside CGI animals in the football version of Space Jam? Consider the book a toast to every intoxicated sports argument you’ve ever had.

Barstool Cover.jpg

"I read this on a plane and forgot I was on a plane, which is one of the biggest compliments I can give to a book I read on a plane. Daniels bounces from topic to topic, never taking himself—or sports—too seriously."


- Martin Rickman, UPROXX Sports

Other Press:

"The Barstool Book of Sports is stimulating in a lot of ways. It’s educational, even for someone who knows a lot about sports. It’s amusing because it’s presented in a lively, breezy style. And it’s provocative because the author offers strong viewpoints backed by research." -Dan Pompei, award-winning NFL writer.

"Think Keith Olbermann with Andy Dick’s sarcasm and restlessness." - Bradley Huebner, The Allentown Morning Call